My Story

I was SO lost, then I found yoga

I found Yoga when I was 35, at an awful cross-roads in both my career and my personal life. Somehow, I found myself sobbing (by chance) outside a Yoga studio with a three-week-unlimited-yoga challenge. The rest is quite literally,  magic.

My yoga practice completely changed my life. At first, it changed my physicality and gave me the strength I needed to navigate through my day effortlessly. Then, the strength started reducing my injuries and that reduced much of my pain.

As I deepened my practice, I stumbled upon self-love, self-respect, compassion and a supported headstand and there, I finally saw myself as the lotus that rose from the mud. 

I ran off to Mexico for a month-long yoga teacher training and found the Yamas, Niyamas, Pranayam and Meditation practices that I know and love today. 

Because of the profound effect on my life from my practice, I want to:

Continue to practice all aspects of Yoga and never again lose sight of my self love, compassion, the desire to serve, being present in my body, living through my heart and looking at myself and others with kind eyes. 


Share the gift of Yoga with anyone and everyone who is even remotely open to the idea of achieving personal growth. 

I intend to prove that everyBODY has the perfect BODY for Yoga. 

Yes, even - and especially - yours!

Namaste (I bow, to you)