Yin Lesson w/ Darren

"Just had my first yoga session with Jenn. The style was Yin and the focus was my hips. She far exceeded my expectations. If I didn't know it I would have thought she taught for years. My hips felt so open and loose after the class. Her teaching style is perfect. She made me feel comfortable and explained each position and offered alternatives based on my level of flexibility. I have no doubt that she has found her calling and will continue to grow as an instructor."

Yin Lesson w/ Keisha

"My 1st Yin Yoga session! It was extremely relaxing and helped me shut down after a long day! Jenn is a thoughtful instructor who provides direction as well as modification to poses. Her practice space is warm and welcoming. Thank you again, Jenn!"

Yin Lesson w/ Joi

"Jenn is a very mindful and welcoming instructor. I had some problems with a couple of poses and her modifications were very help. Her yoga practice space is soothing."

Yin Lesson w/ Lisa

"Jenn is a born teacher! I have come to love my Yin/Yang lessons! Under her one-on-one guidance, I am regaining flexibility, balance, and a great deal of relaxation. She is calm, easy to follow, and applauds every good effort. Thanks Jenn!"

Yin Lesson w/ Lena

"As a newbie, (like hella newbie, haven't even been to a group class yet), I'm kinda scared of yoga. But I want nothing more than to learn it, and to perform it properly. I was lucky enough to have a private session with Jenn. She has a way of making you feel at ease and relaxed with each movement and motion. You can tell that she not only loves yoga, but loves to see others enjoy it to. She's amazing."

Yang Lesson w/ Clarice

"Jenn is a very gifted and compassionate yoga teacher! I highly recommend Jenn's personalized yoga classes for anyone who wants to reconnect with their body and their mind. Jenn customized a shoulder opening class for me last week that left me feeling renewed and re-energized! I took the class wanting to focus on my posture and core to help with long computer hours and the sequence she set up for me was ideal. She brought the perfect balance between an awareness of my body/posture and the spiritual aspect of yoga I love! The class was playful and very informative; I am really looking forward to my future classes with Jenn!! (Side note: She also provided blocks & blankets for assistance during the class, free of charge, which was really nice!)"