Lesson Types

Introduction to Yoga

Perfect for anyone who is new to yoga and wants to see what this "yoga thing" is about. 

In this practice, we will break down  Surya Namascar (Sun Salutation) and find your unique expression of each pose in the sequence, focusing on what it feels like, not what it looks like.  

After this class, you will recognize many poses in a typical vinyasa yoga class. 

Yang (Strength and balance)

Yang is the active, sun, aspect of all life and energy. 

In this class, we will warm up with some sun salutations and flow through our practice, aligning each breath with a movement. We'll work up to a peak pose, then cool down with some stretching and floor poses.

After this class, you'll be warm, a little sweaty and appreciate lots of hydration.

Yin (Flexibility and Mobility)

Yin is the passive, cool, aspect of life and relates to the energy of the moon. 

In this class will focus on lengthening of the tendons, ligaments and fascia that we can only get to when the muscles are disengaged. 

We will be exclusively on the floor (mat), using lots of props to get comfortable in each pose before we relax into them for several minutes. 

After this class, you'll feel more flexible while enjoying the healing and restorative properties of yin.

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